Price List

Casual Kimono Dressing
(A kimono set and small accessories such as a carrying bag + Dressing)
5,500yen per day
(Children under 6 years old are half price.)
Hair Styling – Reference photos are available in the salon. Japanese hairpins or hair flowers are available.
Makeup – Since a kimono is often brightly colored, it is highly recommended to make up before taking pictures.
We have a wide range of cosmetics made in Japan, with low irritation and high moisturizing effect.
Formal Kimono Dressing【Furisode,Tomesode】
(Formal belts and accessories + Dressing + Hair Styling(Including Japanese hairpins or hair flowers))
There is a distinction between the kimonos worn by women who are married and those who are not.
・Furisode is a formal kimono worn by unmarried women.
・Tomesode is a formal kimono worn by married women.
20,000yen~ per day

About the Difference between a casual kimono and a formal kimono;

・A casual kimono has a modern and stylish color scheme. A casual kimono is available for rent at a low price because it is made of a lightweight, synthetic material that can be washed in a washing machine in the same way as a family dress (no need to take it to a dry cleaner).

・A formal kimono is made in the traditional Japanese color palette and style, and the color scheme is simple and elegant. A formal kimono, such as the visiting suit, sleeves, and puffed sleeves, are usually made of brocaded silk, so they must be taken to a dry cleaner after each collection and cannot be washed in a home washing machine, so the rental fee (including dry cleaning) is higher than a casual kimono.

Kimono for a wedding ceremony(Refer to the wedding page)

Photos indoors
・The data of 20 photos.
Photos at a tourist spot
・Reservation is required.
・Information on attractions can be provided in advance.
・The data of 60 photos.
・We provide transportation to and from a tourist spot.
(Additional transportation fees will be charged depending on the distance from Nagoya city and nearby a tourist spot.)